Photo Scanning & Restoration

Preserve, Protect, Share and Cherish All Your Photographic Memories. Digital Scanning and Restoration is a Great Way to Go!

We all have old pictures.

Precious images of family members and dear friends that have made lasting impact on our lives, or pictures of events like weddings that have sentimental value but, many may be in disrepair. Your old prints have frayed edges, fold marks, faded areas with possible smudges, you name it. Time is often unfriendly to pictures and slides. Perhaps you have slides that have never been seen because the old projector is lost or broken or it’s just too difficult to load the trays and get the screen out to conduct a slide show. We get it.

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Don't worry any longer.

At Mary McGovern Photography, we can take just about any image or slide, black and white, color, faded, frayed, whatever the shape, and perform a little magic to make them look good again.


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We Digitize Every Precious Image.

Then, perhaps best of all, we will digitize every precious image and place each on as many flash-drives you desire so you can watch and share at any time you wish. Give one to every family member, all your friends, anyone you want. What an incredible gift! Nothing could be more easy or handy.

Call us today and let's discuss what you need. We will give the best pricing possible. It's all about preserving the memories and there is no better time to begin. Yes, technology can be a very good thing!

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We Fix:

Frayed edges

Fold Marks

Faded Areas



+ More

Client Testimonials:

"My slide pictures came back better and sooner than I expected. Excellent results from old slides much valued by my family." -Actual Customer Statement

"Mary scanned, cleaned up a few flaws and placed several old photos on several flash-drives. I gave them out as Christmas presents. It was the best gift ever!" -Actual Customer Statement

"It's amazing what you do. I had a few old pictures and many old slides from my parents and grand-parents. Scanning each one, clearing up a few areas and even enhancing the faded colors. What a difference. Having the digital files to give to other family members was the best. Thank you!" -Actual Customer Statement

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